It’s been four days since I washed my hair. Of course it’s not as big and fluffy like it was days ago, and it’s definitely not it’s best. However, it’s not the worst. I’ve ranted on before about having dry, coarse hair and that my hair naturally looks okay if I don’t wash it […]


ULTA-mate Beauty Haul

Recently I went to Ulta to stock up on some of my favorite makeup products, and as always, I left with those plus a whole bunch of extra goodies! We were getting ready to leave for Las Vegas and needed to replenish some of the essentials but also to see if there was anything exciting […]



I’m sure you all are tired of seeing Vegas posts, so I promise this is the last one! That seems to be how Vegas is though – fun and exciting at first, then it gets to be a bit much. It is such an indulgent place, where you feel free to do what you want. […]

swim feature pic


Not sure why I refer to this as “swim” essentials considering I never even got in the pool, much less went for a swim! Anyway, my “swim” outfit details below: White One-piece Peixoto Flamingo Swimsuit Victoria’s Secret Sequin Cover Up Wild of Child Jewelry Charlotte Russe Sandals Prada Sunnies I NEVER EVER go to to […]

feature pic


For Love and Lemons has been a favorite brand of mine for awhile, and I’m so happy they’re finally available at my store! Last week while we were in Vegas, I wore a lot of new pieces from this brand, including the Antigua dress featured in this post. At first my hubby was reluctant about […]


Baltimore, or Less

On Easter Sunday, Fletch and I left Mississippi for Baltimore. It was a super long travel day, but we arrived to a beautiful Baltimore evening. We have been on an extended stay, and I have developed mixed feelings about this place. I may not be giving it a fair chance though, considering my little Santino […]



Before I unpacked my suitcase from our lovely Arizona trip, it was time to pack up again. Earlier this week, Santino and I made a quick trip to St. Louis and came home with just enough time to get ready for our Mississippi trip. I guess we are used to being on the go so […]


Phoenix Photo Diary

It’s hard to say who had a better time in Phoenix between me and Santino. We always have a great time on our adventures, but this one was extra fun. Thanks for viewing our photos XO, Follow my blog with Bloglovin


A to Z

Last week we had so much fun visiting Arizona! My hubby was a speaker at some fancy lawyer convention, so Santino and I tagged along for moral support. The weather was perfect and it was absolutely beautiful, just as I remembered from our last visit a few years ago. Fletch and I stayed in Scottsdale […]


Midi Rings & Macarons

What better way to get ready for Spring than with midi rings and macarons?!! Seriously, these have got to be two of the cutest ways to bring in the new season. Macaron by Patisse is my favorite macaron spot in Houston. I get excited just thinking about it, and I can always count on them […]

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